Searchable Encryption

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Brian Lee

Brian Lee  PI, Cloud Security Theme Lead

Project Title

Searchable Encryption

Start Date

February 2014

Project PI

Professor Brian Lee

Project Completion

Project Description

In order to make private data securely accessible using a non-trusted cloud server, there will be a need  to encrypt the data. A fully secure system will require that the encrypted data can be searched from remote mobile devices using encrypted search words and without needing to de-encrypt any data until it has been retrieved to a trusted client.

Use cases

Medical records, Financial records

Propose Solutions

A novel solution and secure searchable encryption scheme for mobile devices has been developed, which promises to be fast and not require significant overhead in bandwidth or storage resources.

Current Landscape

Currently a lot of interest and activity in this area.

Industry Impact

High Impact Results

An encryption algorithm that works with text, biometric and image data, which is fast, scalable and has low overhead resource requirements.

High Impact Results

A piece of code that achieves above, which can be given to members to trial.

Industry Sponsors

Dagama, Espion, Daon