Theo Lynn

Theo Lynn  Lead PI, Business Theme Lead

Project Title


Start Date

January 2017

Project PI

Professor Theo Lynn

Project Completion

December 2019

Project Description

RECAP is a €4.6million EU-funded project to develop the next generation of optimised cloud computing systems to support the Internet of Everything. The project will pave the way for a radically novel concept in the provision of cloud services.

The cloud is a key enabling technology for connected people, devices and computers. Over 13 billion devices are connected to the internet and whilst the cloud supports this connectivity at hyperscale, it is slowly reaching the end of its capacity. Modern network structures currently place data centre resources and servers closer to the end user to overcome the growing latency and delays arising from the growing usage. Despite advances in technologies, most services and resources are still provided in a best-effort fashion and quality of service guarantees cannot be controlled. These practices are perceived to be a major barrier in the rapidly emerging Internet of Everything and the wider networked society.

RECAP will develop the next generation of cloud, edge and fog computing capacity provisioning via targeted research advances in cloud infrastructure optimisation, simulation and automation. It will look at how we design and manage new infrastructures and service provisioning models. It will incorporate a much more elastic model, which delivers services and allocates resources in a dynamic manner, tied to time- varying user requirements. This will ensure that communication critical applications will always achieve their goals without unnecessary delays, no matter where they are located.