dotLAB Indonesia


dotLAB Indonesia is a collaborative effort between the UNS FinTech Center at Universitas Sebelas Maret in Indonesia and IIDB. As the first Fintech and Banking Center of Excellence in Indonesia, the Fintech Center focuses on academic and applied research, scientific publication, training, education and certification, and acts as an innovation hub and digital business incubator. Joint research with regulators, financial services industry, and leading researchers from global institutions, publication in reputable finance and banking journals, and international grants from the European Commission in ERASMUS+ Capacity Building (OPTBANK) are among the current achievements of the UNS FinTech Centre. The central emphasis of the partnership between dotLAB Indonesia and IIDB revolves around fostering collaborative research initiatives and promoting staff mobility.

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Dr. Aref Mahdavi Ardekani
Assistant Professor of Finance


Prof Irwan Trinugroho
Chair, UNS FinTech Center