Digital Economy & Society

Digital Economy & Society

Digital Economy & Society (DES) takes a multidisciplinary approach in the examination of themes including but not limited to identity, emotion, consumer experience, risk and preparation, consumer legitimisation and human-computer interaction through the lens of digital subcultures. The focus will be on merging ethnographic accounts with large quantitative data to build adaptable theoretical and methodological frameworks of understanding for new and emerging discourses and digital consumer communities. Our goal is to communicate relevant insights for academic, industry and social policy from such studies. Ongoing projects include research on a number of projects related to music and sport, misogyny, dark web, consumer prepper and anti-vaxxer communities and we are expanding the lens of the institute within the lab to focus on a wider number of consumer communities.


Gary Sinclair

Dr. Gary Sinclair

Co-Lead, Associate Professor in Marketing


Professor Theo Lynn

Co-Lead, Co-Director IIDB & Full Professor of Digital Business

Pierangelo Rosati

Dr. Pierangelo Rosati

Associate Professor in Digital Business & Society, University of Galway

Dr. Grace Fox DCU Business School

Dr. Grace Fox

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Antonia Egli

Antonia Egli

PhD Student & Safefood Research Fellow

david kenny

David Kenny

Assistant Professor in Digital Business
Kate Hynes

Dr. Kate Hynes

Assistant Professor in Economics

Colm O'Gorman

Professor Colm O’Gorman

Full Professor of Entrepreneurship

Photo of Payam Ansari

Dr. Payam Ansari

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Photo of Guto Leoni

Guto Leoni Santos

Postgraduate Researcher

Photo of Colm Kearns

Dr. Colm Kearns

Postdoctoral Researcher

Photo of Jennifer Kennedy

Dr. Jennifer Kennedy

Postdoctoral Researcher