AgriTech & FoodTech: The Future of Farming and Food Production

dotlab radio  By dotLAB Radio

The farming and food industry, both in Ireland and around the world, is undergoing dramatic change. Digital technologies are transforming the way we produce, supply, and consume food. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an acceleration of the adoption both AgriTech and FoodTech. In this episode of dotLAB Radio, Aidan Connolly, CEO of Cainthus, introduces us to AgriTech and FoodTech. In this podcast, we will try to answer some of the following questions:

What is AgriTech and FoodTech?
How is Covid-19 accelerating the adoption of AgriTech?
How are digital technologies, like machine learning, AI, AR and VR, disrupting agriculture and food production?
What is the impact of Blockchain on agriculture? How will Blockchain impact food safety and climate change?
What will be the role of e-commerce & digital communication technologies in the future of farming?


Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly is CEO of Cainthus, a world leader in computer vision and AI, which is revolutionizing agricultural technology. Having worked for AllTech for more than 25 years, Aidan drew on his experience to set up AgriTech Capital. Previously, Aidan advised the British government on their Brexit agricultural strategy. He has lectured at the Graduate School of Business, UCD, the China Agricultural University, and Purdue University. He is a frequent media commentator and has featured in The Currency and Forbes.