About IIDB

The Irish Institute for Digital Business (IIDB) is a centre of excellence for theoretical and applied research that seeks to investigate and accelerate the adoption of digital technologies and the transformation of business and society using these technologies.

Research at IIDB is organised around four key themes:

  • Digital Economy & Society
  • Trust
  • Leadership, Innovation & Knowledge
  • Fintech
DCU Business School
28Staff and Researchers
4Core Themes
27+Funded Projects
57+Articles Published


Digital technologies are transforming the business and society. Every part of society and component of the value chain is being disrupted and reimagined. Despite the emphasis on disruptive technologies in the research agendas of academia, industry and policymakers, it is, in fact, business factors that are the critical success factors in long-term digital transformation. Indeed, over 70% of transformations fail. Digital technologies used in combination with functional expertise is an essential key to unlocking value and growth. 

The scope of the IIDB research incorporates key enabling technologies that are catalysing digital transformation including cloud computing, social, mobile, Big Data analytics (incl. machine learning and deep learning), and blockchain technologies. Each of these technologies independently and together are sources of innovation and in combination with other innovations, such as the internet of things, robotics, natural interfaces, cognitive systems are accelerating industry transformation.