finLAB @ IIDB takes a multidisciplinary approach to exploring modern financial innovation. We aim to be at the cutting edge of the interface between accounting & finance and technology. Our research agenda is structured around some critical areas of interest, including (i) crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, with focus on institutional investment (ii) the token based economy, and applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, (iii) open banking and banking-as-a-platform business models, (iv) the application of text-based machine learning models; (v) model risk management and explainable AI application; (vi) accounting information systems and technological innovations in accounting practice, (vii) InsurTech and technology applied for insurance decision making, and (viii) the impact of cybersecurity breaches on corporations and markets. finLAB is committed to academic quality and impact, delivering new insights into and challenging established accounting and finance theories and knowledge.


Mark Cummins

Professor Mark Cummins


Pierangelo Rosati

Dr. Pierangelo Rosati


Professor Michael Dowling

Full Professor of Finance

Orla Feeney DCU Business School

Dr. Orla Feeney

Associate Professor in Accounting

Dr. Kate Hynes

Assistant Professor in Economics

Professor Theo Lynn

Full Professor of Digital Business

Ciaran Mac An Bhaird

Dr. Ciaran Mac An Bhaird

Associate Professor of Business and Management


Dr. Aref Mahdavi Ardekani

Assistant Professor of Finance

Brid Murphy DCU Business School

Dr. Brid Murphy

Assistant Professor in Accounting

Dr. Sandeep Keshava Rao

Assistant Professor in Finance

Associate Members

Dr. Orla McCullagh

Lecturer in Risk Management and Insurance, University of Limerick

Dr. Fearghal Kearney

Senior Lecturer in Finance, Queen’s University Belfast