Our Team



Theo Lynn
Professor Theo Lynn

Centre Director

Mark Cummins
Professor Mark Cummins

Deputy Director

Lisa van der Werff
Dr. Lisa van der Werff

Research Director

Pierangelo Rosati
Dr. Pierangelo Rosati

Director of Industry Engagement

Edel Conway
Professor Edel Conway

Director of People Development

Anna Gourinovitch
Anna Gourinovitch

Assistant Professor in Digital Business

James Byrne
Dr. James Byrne

Assistant Professor in Management

Brid Murphy DCU Business School
Dr. Brid Murphy

Lecturer in Accounting

Orla Feeney DCU Business School
Dr. Orla Feeney

Lecturer in Accounting

Dr. Grace Fox DCU Business School
Dr. Grace Fox

Assistant Professor in Digital Business

Sergej Svorobej DCU Business School
Sergej Svorobej


Dr Marta Rocchi
Dr. Marta Rocchi

Assistant Professor in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Dr Patricia Endo
Dr. Patricia Endo

Post-Doctral Researcher

Dr Mairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl
Dr. Mairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl 

Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow

Ciaran Mac An Bhaird
Dr. Ciaran Mac An Bhaird

Lecturer of Business and Management

Peter Robbins
Dr. Peter Robbins

Assistant Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Laura Berry DCU Business School
Laura Berry

Assistant Professor in Digital Marketing

Karina Haugen Research Fellow
Karina Haugen

Safefood Research Fellow

Malika Bendechache Post-Doctral Researcher DCU Business School
Dr. Malika Bendechache

Post-Doctral Researcher

Oran Clare Digital Marketing Coordinator
Oran Clare

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Frank Fowley Senior Research Enginner
Frank Fowley

Senior Research Engineer

Darach Turley
Professor Darach Turley

Emeritus Professor in Marketing

Silvia Bianco
Silvia Bianco

Visiting Researcher and Associate Member

Cleber Morais, Visiting Researcher and Associate Member
Cleber Morais

Visiting Researcher and Associate Member

Kathy Monks
Professor Kathy Monks

Emeritus Professor of Human Resource Management

Peter Deeney
Dr. Peter Deeney

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Gary Sinclair
Dr. Gary Sinclair

Lecturer in Marketing