Our Team



Photo of Yseult Freeney
Professor Yseult Freeney


Lisa van der Werff
Dr. Lisa van der Werff

Co-Deputy Director; Lead, Future of Governance

Theo Lynn
Professor Theo Lynn

Full Professor of Digital Business

Edel Conway
Professor Edel Conway

Director of People Management; Lead, Future of Work

Photo of Husain Salilul Akareem
Dr. Husain Salilul Akareem

Assistant Professor of Digital Marketing

Photo of Payam Ansari
Dr. Payam Ansari

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Photo of Henrique Barros
Dr. Henrique Barros

Assistant Professor in Innovation

Abdelsalam Busalim

Assistant Professor in Digital Business

Professor Michael Dowling

Full Professor of Finance

Dr. Damien Dupre

Assistant Professor in Business Research Methods

Antonia Egli

PhD Student &
safefood Research Fellow

Orla Feeney DCU Business School
Dr. Orla Feeney

Associate Professor in Accounting

Professor Claire Gubbins

Professor in Organisational Behaviour & HRM

Photo of Margaret Heffernan
Dr. Margaret Heffernan

Associate Professor in HRM

Dr. Kate Hynes

Lecturer in Economics 

Photo of Colm Kearns
Colm Kearns

Postdoctoral Researcher

Photo of Anna Keller
Anna Keller

PhD Student

Photo of Jennifer Kennedy
Dr. Jennifer Kennedy

Postdoctoral Researcher

Photo of Tim Kennedy
Tim Kennedy

Research Assistant

David Kenny

Assistant Professor in Digital Business

Photo of Guto Leoni
Guto Leoni Santos

PhD Student

Dr. Aref Mahdavi Ardekani

Assistant Professor of Finance

Brid Murphy DCU Business School
Dr. Brid Murphy

Assistant Professor in Accounting

Photo of Parvati Neelakantan
Dr. Parvati Neelakantan

Assistant Professor of Finance

IMG-20200120-WA0031 (1)
Tim O’Gorman

Research Assistant

Photo of Megan Reddan
Megan Reddan

Virtual Reality Lab Coordinator, Teaching Assistant

Peter Robbins
Dr. Peter Robbins

Assistant Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Photo of Andreas Robotis
Dr. Andreas Robotis

Assistant Professor of Operations & Technology Management

Dr Marta Rocchi
Dr. Marta Rocchi

Assistant Professor in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Dr. Sandeep Rao

Assistant Professor of Finance

Dr. Fabiola Schneider

Assistant Professor in Finance

Gary Sinclair
Dr. Gary Sinclair

Lead, Future of Sales and Marketing

Dr. Xuchang Zheng

Assistant Professor Organisational Behaviour



Mark Cummins
Professor Mark Cummins

Professor of Financial Technology, University of Strathclyde

Fulya Acikgoz

PhD Student, University of Bristol

Pierangelo Rosati
Dr. Pierangelo Rosati

Associate Professor in Digital Business & Society, University of Galway

Dr. Valerie Lyons

Lecturer DCU Business School, COO BH Consulting

Photo of Trevor Clohessy
Dr. Trevor Clohessy

Blockchain and Transformative Technologies Educator – Atlantic Technological University