trust LAB

trustLAB @ IIDB takes a multidisciplinary approach to exploring trust within and between people, organizations and technology. Our collective goal is to support and develop collaborative research that advances academic and industry understanding of trust. We draw on social science disciplines including psychology, sociology, organisational behaviour and management information systems to consider issues relevant to the development, violation and repair of trust across a range of industry settings. Ongoing projects in our lab include a focus on stakeholder trust in disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the influence of trust breaches, organisational policy and technology introduction on trust in organisations, strategies for influencing trust in organisational and government leadership, and understanding the factors driving change in trust over time across a variety contexts.

Full Members

Lisa van der Werff

Dr. Lisa van der Werff


Orla Feeney DCU Business School

Orla Feeney



Professor Claire Gubbins

Professor Theo Lynn

Dr. Brid Murphy

Colette Real

Xuchang Zheng

Associate Members

niamh daly photo

Niamh Daly

University of Queensland

Berni Naughton

Athlone Institute of Technology


Valerie Lyons

DCU Business School

Akanksha Lohmore

Technological University of Dublin

Dr. Grace Fox DCU Business School

Dr. Grace Fox