About IC4

The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) is multi-institutional research centre located at Dublin City University. It was established in February 2012 by Dublin City University, University College Cork and Athlone Institute of Technology when it was awarded funding for the initial research programme for the Enterprise Ireland/IDA Cloud Computing Technology Centre. The vision for the Cloud Computing Technology Centre is to be an internationally recognised industry-led centre of excellence for innovation and applied research, that accelerates the development and adoption of Cloud technology and showcases Ireland’s capabilities in this field.

IC4 differs from many university research centres in its composition, approach and research philosophy. IC4 is both multi-institutional and inter-disciplinary including researchers from computing, business, and law based in DCU, UCC and AIT with support from collaborators in UWE, Pepperdine University and others. It is industry-led and engages with industry from ideation to dissemination currently through its Steering Group and in future, through its membership programme. IC4 is an agile research centre using a lean approach to research which results in rapid cycle research deliverables reflecting the nature and needs of the industry in which IC4 is situated.

What did IC4 do

Addressing four themes: Architecture, Service Lifecycle, Business and Cloud and Mobile Security, IC4 is organised around three research principles:

  1. Design for Growth
  2. Design for Best Service Provision
  3. Design for Widest Acceptance