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Frank Fowley Senior Research Enginner

Theo Lynn  Lead PI, Business Theme Lead

Project Title


Start Date

August 2015

Project PI

Frank Fowley

Project Completion

January 2018

Project Description


EISystems had developed a suite of document management software products (EITrax) that integrated with a variety of third-party solutions installed at over 1,100 companies across the UK and Ireland.

EISystems partnered with IC4 to address the limitations of the EISystems product to meet future demands. The inability to support cloud-based integration would result in a loss of business for EISystems -as target customers seek out document management systems that are either cloud-based or can be integrated with cloud-hosted third-party software. There was an urgent need for EISystems to support integration with cloud-based software.

Research Solutions

IC4 investigated the re-engineering and migration the existing document management system to a cloud-based architecture thus creating an integrated business process as a service. The team at IC4 also designed a security framework to address the needs arising from remote and cloud-based processing.

Industry Impact

The legacy solution was sold pre-configured on a dedicated computer with a significant overhead involved in installing, configuring and supporting solutions at customer premises. The fully cloud-based document management system greatly reduces product installation, configuration and support and, more importantly, allows the company to market (through online demonstrations and trials) and sell its products to a much larger international marketplace.

A key benefit of this cloud-based solution is that it facilitates a multi-tenanted architecture for processing and storing documents rather than one database per customer. The cloud-based solution also facilitates better IT infrastructure utilisation as this infrastructure is virtualised and can be added or removed, as required. Combined, this solution saves on software licensing costs, provides advantages in system administration and maintenance and is more cost effective and elastic than on-premise solutions thus allowing EISystems to profitably compete in an international marketplace.

“Working with IC4 not only delivered on our primary project goals but we’ve also been able to add new functionality that did not exist previously such as the file upload feature. This CloudTrax program as a SaaS offering means we can now service customers on an international basis without the need for on-site installations”.