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Theo Lynn

Theo Lynn  Lead PI, Business Theme Lead

Project Title

Cloud Maps

Start Date

April 2013

Project PI

Professor Theo Lynn

Project Completion

Project Description

People from different industry sectors will often experience the same obstacle in migrating applications to the cloud. A crowdsourcing tool will provide an efficient way of identifying successful migration scripts as well as the steps in other scripts that cause problems. Analysing hundreds of migration patterns will allow both cloud solution providers and end users to identify migration steps that need improvement and to identify successful migrations stories that can be used to ‘build trust’ in the process.

Use cases

SaaS (CRM, email), PaaS (Jboss, .Net), IaaS (Data Centre Migration)

Propose Solutions

Collate critical mass of structured & unstructured self-reported data in relation to migration use cases. Identify common issues that hampered migration

  • Provide cloud stakeholders with a knowledge repository of migration use cases, so that suppliers can learn from the ‘bad’ and market the ‘good’
  • Inform research on migration patterns and success stories.

Industry Impact

High Impact Results

  • Vendors can identify and address common issues that are inhibiting migration, resulting in more successful and faster migrations.
  • End users trust in using the cloud is increased, accelerating the rate at which end users adopt cloud computing.

High Impact Results

Industry sponsors to identify high volume migration scenarios, where economic benefits can be quantified

Industry Sponsors

Microsoft, Inishtech

Link to Trust & Dependability

The analysis of multiple migration stories builds statistical confidence and trust in the probability of conducting successful migrations.