Work as researcher abroad: Ireland as a talent hub

dotlab radio  By dotLAB Radio

Research is a key element for the development of new disruptive technologies. The partnership between research centres and industry brings innovation to a new level and makes knowledge more accessible. Researchers are very skilled professionals who are often required to move abroad to increase their skills and experience. Ireland is now one of most attractive places for such talents.

In this episode of dotLAB Radio, Patricia Takako Endo shares her experience of working as a post-docitoral researcher at DotLab Ireland.Patricia is a professor at Universidade de Pernambuco (UPE) in Brazil. Over the last two years she has worked as post-doctoral researcher on a project named RECAP which focused on simulation of edge/fog/cloud computing scenarios. This episode covers the following topics:

– The experience of collaborating with different international institutions;
– Academia-industry research collaboration;
– The relevance of RECAP’s use cases from a research perspective; and
– Synergies between edge, fog and cloud computing.


Patricia Takako Endo

Postdoctoral researcher at IIDB/DCU, and an adjunct professor at Universidade de Pernambuco (UPE)