What Marvel’s Avengers can teach leaders about doing better business

dotlab radio  By dotLAB Radio

In our very first episode, Ryan Shanks and Jess Majekodunmi of Accenture’s R&D and Global Innovation Center, The Dock, discuss how organisations can become more innovative, relevant and profitable in the era of digital disruption. They cover:

  • How to develop a ‘mindset of innovation’
  • What leaders can learn about customer experience and profitability from Marvel’s Avengers.
  • How AI is pushing humans further up the value chain
  • Embracing risk and making ‘wise pivots’
  • How to get your team behind your vision while avoiding groupthink

ryan shanks

Ryan Shanks is the Managing Director of The Dock, Accenture’s global R&D Centre and its Flagship Innovation Centre in Europe. The Dock is a diverse team of over 300 creative problem-solvers – where design, technology and business meet under one roof. Ryan has been making change happen with global organisations for over 20 years. His experience ranges from corporate innovation and operating model design, to culture change and leadership development. Ryan has experience across several industries including telecommunications, software, banking and the public sector. He is a thought-leader on corporate innovation, talent and organisation development who frequently presents at academic, governmental and business events. His recent publications are in the areas of the future home, future of work and human/robot collaboration.

jess Majekodumni

Jess Majekodumni is a dyBA in English; Post Grad Dip in Advertising and Digital Communication; MA in Design History and Material Culture. Her career has spanned continents, sectors and disciplines. Drawing on her background in marketing, behaviour change and human centred design, Jess brings an unwavering commitment to ask the right questions to deliver the right results for the clients she works with. As a pioneer of conscientious innovation, a design historian and an experienced facilitator, Jess inspires collaboration with an inventive spirit, authentic curiosity and an inexhaustible flair for creativity.