Future of Information Systems

Theme Description

Continual advances in digital technology are transforming the role information systems play in every aspect of business and society. The Future of Information Systems theme engages in research to explore the role of information systems across different industries, organisations and consumer contexts. Research in this theme focuses on examining issues across people, processes and technology.

People: The human factors involved in introducing new technologies including the factors driving consumers’ and employees’ adoption and continued use of new technologies, building digital competence and digital literacy.

Processes: the role of new processes and improvements to existing processes in ensuring the successful leveraging of technology.

Technology: the potential of new technologies to enhance effectiveness and efficiency within and beyond organizational boundaries.

Projects under this theme investigate consumer, organizational and societal perspectives regarding a host of technologies from mobile applications to blockchain, leveraging methodological approaches from online experiments to deep learning, across research contexts such as health, social media, agtech.


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