TRANSFORM The Circular Economy

TRANSFORM The Circular Economy

TRANSFORM The Circular Economy

This event is part of TRANSFORM, a series of virtual mini-conferences brought to you by The Irish Institute of Digital Business and DCU Business School. TRANSFORM The Circular Economy will feature industry experts and academics discussing the impact of digital transformation on the circular economy. More speakers to be announced soon.

  • Date01 - 05 March 2021
  • TimeDaily from 1pm-2:30pm
  • WhereZoom Webinar



  • Victor Fabregat Tena1st of March
  • Beatriz Castro Granados1st of March
  • Clyde Hutchinson2nd of March
  • Federica Doni 3rd of March
  • Rozanne Stevens4th of March
  • Fiona Smiddy4th of March
  • Mary Cronin5th of March
  • Gary Connolly5th of March


Victor Fabregat Tena

Víctor is the Head of R+D+i Department of REGENERA, with responsibilities such as coordination, proposal preparation, financial reporting and project development of EU-funded (H2020, Life), National and Regional R&D projects with focus on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Flexibility, Circular Economy, Smart grids and cities.

Beatriz Castro Granados

Beatriz is a marine engineerwith a Master’s Degree on Marine Renewable Energies Harnessing. She has experience in energy studies, mainly wind and photovoltaic. She has also experience in European projects related to energy studies and circular economy within Horizon2020.

Federica Doni

Associate Professor in Business Administration and Accounting at the Department of Business and Law. Her primary research interest over the past 10 years is on corporate reporting, sustainability reporting, Intellectual Capital reporting, ESG and Integrated Reporting,Intangible assets.

Clyde Hutchinson

Partner at Journey Partners, is committed to global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem having worked across five continents focusing on air, land and sea transportation and travel.  He is currently working on a second global investment fund which will focus on sustainability and digital transformation applications.

Rozanne Stevens

Rozanne is a Wholefood Eco Chef, Zero-Waste Sustainable Test Kitchen, Educator, Cookbook Author. jfala’gj`ldjgGNSNB’NBADKBN”ADBLFNBS”LBLS”NFBL’SNBF”LSNBL’FSNBLBNFL’BNSL”NBFLNBSL’FNB

Mary Cronin

Innovation Agency Founder at Up Think Works. Specialties include Domain expertise in innovation, entrepreneurship and circular growth strategies. Domain expertise in innovation, entrepreneurship and circular growth strategies. Domain expertise in innovation,entrepreneurship and 

Fiona Smiddy

Fiona is Founder of Green Look, a sustainable Irish business. She started Green Outlook to advocate for changes towards sustainable living. Fiona is also a qualified chartered accountant.


Garry Connolly

President and Founder of Host In Ireland. Garry Connolly has over 20 years of both entrepreneurial and executive experience in assisting foreign direct investment companies to achieve global success. Garry currently serves as President and Founder of Host in Ireland.President and Founder of Host in Ireland.

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