The Future of Work (Part 2): Recruitment in the age of artificial intelligence and automation

future of work part 2

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The talent war exists for many companies today as they struggle to recruit and retain the right employees with the best talent. This has created a demand for cutting-edge recruitment technology such as applicant tracking systems and AI-powered platforms to speed up the recruitment process and ultimately improve the quality of hiring.

In this episode, Susan Comyn from BidRecruit (now rebranded as Occupop) and Gary Berney from HireUp discuss how new AI-driven platforms and cloud based solutions have improved the entirety of the recruitment process. The following topics are covered:

  • The digital transformation in HR
  • How your employees are your biggest advocates when it comes to hiring new talent
  • How to engage passive candidates and turn them into applicants
  • Employee referrals disappearing into the “black hole”
  • How AI technology can be used to streamline recruitment processes
  • Deciding on the right technology for your recruitment goals

susan comyn

Susan Comyn manages all things Marketing in Occupop. Having worked in marketing for over 8 years, Susan has extensive experience in content creation, customer experience and brand awareness. Since joining Occupop, she has developed deep insights into the HR industry and trends, along with a depth of knowledge on how companies can grow through hiring the best people for their business

gary berney

Gary Berney is the Head of Engagement for award winning referral app, HireUp. A regular presenter at HR events throughout Europe, he is passionate about talent acquisition and uses his 20+ years of marketing experience to enable companies to think more deeply about their target audience to deliver faster and more successful hiring.