The Future of the Cloud: The research project ensuring the seamless performance of streaming, SaaS, and connected devices

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The cloud powers so many of the things we use every day, from tv streaming services and connected devices, to SaaS platforms and applications. But the more of them we use, the more pressure the cloud comes under. Picture a scenario where every household moves from having an average of two cars to having two hundred, and the pressure that would put on road infrastructure. So it is with cloud infrastructure.

RECAP is an EU Research and Innovation programme that is preparing the cloud for such a future. Leveraging developments AI and big data, the key goal is to make the infrastructure as self-sufficient as possible, ensuring that it is affordable for companies and consumers alike.

The Irish Institute of Digital Business at DCU (IIDB) is directly involved in this project, and in this episode we meet the research leads from two other partner organisations: Keith Ellis from Intel Labs Europe and Peter Willis of BT’s Research and Innovation Division. We cover:

+The unprecedented growth of connected devices, streaming services, and other cloud-powered platforms, and the drivers of even faster growth in the future

+How reliability of the cloud underpins the customer and user experience

+Protecting data and building trust as the cloud evolves and becomes more automated

+Taking the right approach to building Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions

+How the technological innovation of today is shaping the homes and business of the future


Peter Willis

BT’s Research and Innovation Division


Keith Ellis

Intel Labs Europe