Teaching Elephants to Dance: Why innovation is the key to business success

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Embracing new ideas and change is crucial for organisations being able to sustain economic growth. Businesses that refuse to evolve with the market can fall victim to disruption, competition and ultimately the delivery of poor customer and employee experience. Simply put, your business has two options: ‘Evolve or Die.’

Innovation can often be daunting for companies to address, usually with the expectation of wasting money and time. In this episode, Rachael Corcoran from EY and Dr Peter Robbins from IIDB explain how people need to have a tolerance for risk and break down the barriers to innovation. They cover the following topics:

+The importance of innovation

+Why failure to innovate can risk a company’s future

+Why many companies struggle to innovate

+Embracing radical innovation

+The steps involved for design thinking

+Successful innovators start small and fail fast


Dr Peter Robbins



Rachael Corcoran

Customer and Digital Advisory | EY Financial Services