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A seminar series dedicated to research methodologies for digital business research.


The RESEARCH series consists of monthly virtual seminars aiming to explore different research methodologies for digital business research and incentivise research collaborations. This series is reserved to members of the dotLAB network but if you are interested in one of our upcoming seminars get in touch.


  • How to conduct a Systematic Literature ReviewDr Abdelsalam Busalim
  • Netnography and related misadventures in the pursuit of ‘deep’ data insightDr Gary Sinclair
  • Designing and Evaluating Workplace InterventionsDeirdre O’Shea
  • Overlooked or undercooked? Designing rigorous experimentsDr Jamie Gloor
  • VR tech and researchChloe Preece & Laryssa Whittaker
  • Thursday the 12th of November1pm-2pm
  • Thursday the 17th December1pm-2pm
  • Tuesday the 2nd February1pm-2pm
  • Thursday the 11th March1pm-2pm
  • Thursday the 15th of April1pm-2pm