Powering Digital Transformation in the Built Environment: a Discussion on Digital Twin Technology

dotlab radio  By dotLAB Radio

How are digital technologies transforming the construction and renovation industries? Which projects are working towards making our buildings, facilities, and public spaces smarter? Host Patrick Haughey (Founder and MD of Audiobrand) sits down with Kieran Mahon (Smart DCU Projects Facilitator Manager), Richard Kelly (Estates Manager at DCU), and Sarah Ingle (Secretary General of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland) to discuss how digital tech is making Europe’s built environments more energy efficient and sustainable.

Tune in to the latest dotLAB Radio episode and learn more about how deep renovation efforts are shaping our cities – and universities! – by applying technologies like 3D digital twin models to inform infrastructure development, accelerate standardisation processes, increase citizen engagement, and drive decarbonisation to better reach 2030 climate goals. This episode of dotLAB Radio is sponsored by RINNO, a Horizon 2020 project that aims to deliver a set of processes for managing deep renovation projects.