Peer-to-peer lending: Harnessing the power of the crowd

dotlab radio  By dotLAB Radio

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is changing the face of banking across the world and is re-shaping the way money moves between lenders and borrowers. In this episode of dotLAB Radio we talk to Niall Dorrian, CEO of Ireland’s first and largest P2P lending platform Linked Finance, about P2P lending. We cover:

• What Linked Finance is and the technology behind the platform
• What makes the credit decisions so quick and what makes them secure
• Why debt can be seen as a positive thing
• Legislation and regulations around P2P lending platforms
• Different P2P lending business models
• How P2P lending platforms and technology have evolved over the years
• The future developments of P2P lending platforms
• Meeting the P2P lending skills gap


Niall Dorrian

CEO at Linked Finance