Online Peer to Peer Lending: a valuable alternative source of capital for SMEs

dotlab radio  By dotLAB Radio

The online Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending market has been growing at a fast pace for a number of years generating significant benefits for both lenders and borrowers. P2P lending platforms offer to perspective borrowers a unique combination of fast time-to-approval and flexible repayment. This value proposition is particularly attractive for SMEs with temporary liquidity shortages like the one caused by the current COVID19 crisis.

In this episode of dotLAB Radio, Jamie Heaslip, Head of Brand Marketing at Flender, and Dr Pierangelo Rosati, Assistant Professor in Business Analytics at DCU Business School, discuss how online P2P lending may benefit SMEs and investors during and beyond the COVID19 crisis. Also:

  • How the online P2P lending market has evolved
  • How P2P lending works
  • What the benefits of P2P lending are for borrowers and investors (lenders)
  • How online P2P lending can support businesses during and after COVID19

Jamie Heaslip

Head of Brand Marketing at Flender

Pierangelo Rosati

Dr Pierangelo Rosati

Assistant Professor in Business Analytics at DCU Business School