Light as a Service: How UrbanVolt are taking manufacturers off the electricity grid

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Embracing a sustainable business culture is becoming more important than ever to businesses for energy and cost savings. Companies could save a considerable amount of money every year by reducing their energy bills through improved efficiency. The manufacturing industry in particular is very hungry for energy, and lighting can account for up to 80% of the energy consumed in warehouses. How can these manufacturers improve their bottom line and accelerate their transition to a sustainable future?

One company that has leveraged both innovation and technology to help companies reduce their carbon footprint is UrbanVolt. Operating globally, the ultimate goal of UrbanVolt is to take warehouses off the electricity grid by upgrading businesses to LED light. This cutting-edge technology has resulted in significantly lower operating costs for companies in addition to a positive impact on the environment. In this episode of dotLAB Radio, Declan Barrett from UrbanVolt discusses:

+UrbanVolt’s ‘Light as a Service’ model

+The impact that manufacturing has on the electricity grid

+Energy consumption disparities between households and warehouses

+Why C suite executives need to empower procurement to move faster and achieve sustainability

+The geopolitics of energy

+Why many world leaders have not went down the route of a more sustainable business

+Looking into the future


Declan Barrett

Founder & CCO at UrbanVolt