Fintech: How Digital Disruption is Driving Innovation in Financial Services

dotlab radio  By dotLAB Radio

Fintech is causing disruption to financial services as new companies enter the market targeting different areas of the value chain. Both technological advancement and customer expectations are moving fast resulting in innovation and ultimately a better service offering to consumers.

In this episode of dotLAB Radio, Peter Oakes (Founder, Fintech Ireland) and Peter O’Halloran (Fintech Ireland Ambassador) discuss fintech, digital disruption in financial services, and future fintech trends.

We also cover the following areas:

Fintech, cryptocurrencies and challenger banks
Disruption in financial services and the growth of fintech companies
Fintech for Good
Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending
Major fintech trends
Meeting the Fintech skills gap

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Peter O’Halloran

Fintech Ireland Ambassador

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Peter Oakes

Founder, Fintech Ireland