Digital Transformation and Future Trends in Payments in a Post-Coronavirus World

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How we pay for goods and services has been completely transformed in recent years as a result of digital technologies. Contactless, mobile, voice, and even biometric payments are becoming increasingly popular and rapidly leading us towards a cashless society. Commentators suggest the COVID-19 crisis will accelerate digital transformation, digital consumption, and the demise of physical money. Coronavirus may be the driver to a cashless society.

In this episode of dotLAB Radio, Barry Gray of EVO Payments discusses how digital technologies are transforming the payments industry and how COVID-19 is impacting the trends and changing the assumptions that underlie this industry. During this podcast, Barry discusses:

The move to a cashless society, the key drivers, and how Ireland is adapting;
Changing customer preferences around card and mobile payments;
The impact of COCID-19 on business models and how businesses are adapting to this crisis;
Why cash may no longer be king in times of crisis;
Recent and forthcoming regulation around payment technologies and open banking.

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Barry Gray

Barry Gray holds qualifications from University College Dublin, University College Cork, Cambridge, the Institute of Bankers and The Marketing Institute of Ireland. Barry has held senior positions with Vodafone and Bank of Ireland, and now is Marketing Director of EvoPayments, “one of the world’s premier providers of secure, cost-effective, and scalable processing solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.” His roles have primarily been in product management, where he successfully managed the P+L for a number of global (Blackberry, Visa / Mastercard) and indigenous propositions through the full product cycle